21 Jul 2013

White people history

Dear ones-

Does anybody know how “whiteness” happened? We know that humanity comes from Africa but how did white people get to Europe? How did they become white? How did they become so hierarchal and oppressive? Real questions. Anyone got books or articles to recommend that mark the migration and creation of white folks to/in Europe? I’m talking pre-dark ages before their were monarchs. I want to understand!

24 Feb 2013


TW: rape, murder, killing.

I’ve always noticed how in cases of mass tragedy, and even smaller, less-national-covered cases, that white men have been treated differently in comparison to people of color. And since this Connecticut shooting has occurred, I’ve noticed that it all…

10 Aug 2012

If white people are going to adopt children of color and raise them to survive in a white supremacist world, they need to be actively anti-racist. Love is not enough.

2 Apr 2012

  • white people *arriving in exotical brown people place*: oh dear, look how raw. they arent fucking with everything yet. what a pity. we will teach you, brown savages!
  • brown people: no, actually, if it aint broke, dont fix it. we like it this way, thanks, also, we're not fucking savages. gtfoh. asap.
  • white people: i like it here. its mine now. you will learn our advanced ways of tinkering w nature and being a selfish, individualist fuck, also, you will have to die en masse, hope you dont mind!
  • brown people: dsjf;fko;iyuiouihgjkdfhgjfghjhdgfhjgsdfg
  • white people: look how marvelous things are now that we've been here for a few years. oh wait, everything around you and about you is fucked now? it was for the greater good.
  • brown people: dkjfkdhfgjkhdkghffadshgfsgdgfhfgfjgfjgjhg
  • white people: oh fuck. everythings fucked. we need a more "green" approach. how fucking genius are we for figuring this shit out?
  • brown people: :|
  • white people: see, arent you glad we colonized you so we could create all this technology that scientifically proves, if it aint broke, dont fix it?
  • brown people: :|