9 Nov 2012


White adoptive parents’ utter unwillingness to listen to any adult transracial adoptees except the utterly happy ones scares the crap out of me. They’re just going to keep fucking up generations of children instead of realizing they don’t know shit and educating themselves.

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16 Aug 2012

And just so you know-


I wasn’t put up for adoption by my black, biological family. They didn’t even know I existed until many years after I was born & long-gone. 

I’m biracial. I was put up for adoption by my white mother who was too afraid to take me home to her racist family that didn’t wan’t to support her/me because I was a “nigger baby.” 

just, fyi. 

10 Aug 2012

If white people are going to adopt children of color and raise them to survive in a white supremacist world, they need to be actively anti-racist. Love is not enough.