25 Feb 2013

Warsan Shire, who is quoted at the beginning of my CFC Post in honor of Quvenzhané Wallis is coming to the US! Please donate if you can to help Warsan come for the Live Unchained Awards Ceremony!

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Live Unchained, an international arts media and events organization, has featured over 100 women artists from over 16 countries on their growing online magazine at The organization is now partnering with Warsan Shire to host an awards ceremony titled “Terrifying, Strange and Beautiful”, to honor Live Unchained featured artists. The event is named after a line from Shire’s poem, “For Women Who Are Difficult to Love” to acknowledge the layers and complexity of women individually and as part of an international community.

4 Dec 2012


Time to get crunk!

Message from CFC:

Do u wanna come kick it with the CFs? Well, we wanna kick it with you! So please join us for our first Google Hangout next Tuesday, December 11th, at 8pm.

It will stream live on our CFC YouTube channel.

You’ll be able to meet all the CFs AND we’ll be answering YOUR questions! So tweet us your questions @crunkfeminists with hashtag #thecfc or leave a comment here. We can’t wait to meet you! #GETCRUNK


A Women-and-Men-of-Color Scholar Activist Group that gets Crunk, feminist style.


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2 Nov 2012


The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is proud to bring you the inaugural Faculty Women of Color in the Academy National Conference, April 3-5, 2013! 

The focus of the conference is on the politics of the Academy and will feature scholarship by faculty women of color. This will be a...

15 Oct 2012

I need serious help from any of y’all if you can give it. A little over a month ago, my friend’s little brother was found hanging from a tree in the woods in Cincinnati, Ohio. The police barely did an investigation, and almost immediately ruled it a “suicide”; which: WHAT BLACK MAN HANGS HIMSELF…

15 Oct 2012


Yesterday morning, thechocolatedandy tried to open a dialogue about race on In his words, this is what transpired:

“ recently posted an article called, “3 Racist Incidents That Weren’t Really Racist”. You can google it, but I also reblogged it…