16 Feb 2013


To call home, America’s prisoners (well, really their families, who accept the calls collect) pay rates many times what you or I spend on phone calls, the consequence of a dysfunctional marketplace in which the users have no choice but the phones provided — literally a captive market — and prison administrators can exact exorbitant commissions for providing the service. In Maryland, for example, where the commission can comprise up to 60 percent of the cost of a call, the rates are $2.55 for the first minute plus 30 cents per minute for intrastate calls and $2.70 for the first minute plus 30 cents for every minute thereafter for interstate calls. The state collected $5.2 million from such commissions in 2010. In effect, the high rates are a fee leveraged on the inmate population through which the prisoners fund their own incarceration.

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22 Jan 2013

19 Oct 2012


The reality is that controlling narratives deploying imagery of LGBTQ people as inherently criminal, immoral, and pathological will never simply fade away once legal equality for LGBT people is achieved, no matter how hard we try to wash them off and erase the members of our communities who bear their brunt. Until they are directly confronted and we work to dismantle them, these mythic political/ cultural constructs—and the systems of domination they serve—will continue to undermine and limit possibilities. Our goals must extend beyond “rights” and “equality” within a system established to deny the humanity of so many of us to nothing short of liberation for all of us. That, and nothing less, is the promise of queering abolition. 

29 May 2012

“[Marissa Alexander] is the Jacksonville mother of three, sitting in jail and awaiting a minimum 20-year prison sentence for defending herself against her estranged husband, who has a well-documented history of domestic violence…” ~ Aaron Morrison, “Marissa Alexiander’s Stand Your Ground Debacle Explained” for The Loop 21

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27 May 2012


Free CeCe McDonald

Video produced by the CeCe McDonald Support Committee