9 Feb 2013


Millions of Americans with disabilities have gained innumerable rights and opportunities since Congress passed landmark legislation on their behalf in 1990. And yet advocates say barriers and bias still abound when it comes to one basic human right: To be a parent.

The National Council on Disability recently released a report covering how the U.S. legal system is not properly protecting the rights of parents with disabilities: most states allowing courts to determine that a parent is unfit on the very basis of having a disability. NCD says that terminating parental rights for this reason “clearly violates” what 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act stands for.

2 May 2012


NYC: LGBTQ Affirming Foster and Adoptive Families

The above link is to a pdf of the ACS LGBTQ Youth Community Resource Guide.

From the ACS website:

ACS is looking for LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender & Questioning) affirming families to provide…

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