13 Dec 2012






this isn’t a surprise at all

This story is a favorite of men’s rights activists who hold it up as evidence that women have always had it better. SURPRISE, it’s not based in reality.

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A 1970 Civil Aeromedical Institute study of three plane crashes involving emergency evacuations found that the most prominent factor influencing survival was gender. Men were by far the most likely to get out alive.

Note that gender was a bigger factor in influencing survival than proximity to emergency exits was. I.e. it looks like the men pushed everyone else out of the way.
See also Roach, Mary. Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers. London: Penguin, 2003. 125.

And for extra credit!


We all remember what happened with that white dude at the Dark Knight shooting don’t we? Bolted to the door while leaving his two children & their mother.

what about that ship that ran aground in the Mediterranean a while back? the captain was one of the first people off the boat. and his ass stayed off.  remember those tapes of him calling the coast guard/navy to find out what happened?

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