23 Mar 2013


More than 100 private schools in Georgia accept a combined $170 million in state money each year while openly discriminating against LGBT students.



More than 100 private schools in Georgia that bar openly LGBT students are accepting $170 million in state money each year while continuing to discriminate against students. The schools receive a tax credit program that turn state funds into scholarships for religiously based private schools.The 115 schools, however, explicitly enforce policies that condemn homosexuality, often punishing students who come out by expelling them.

Steve Suitts, the vice president of the Southern Education Foundation, wrote a report for his organization, showing that at least one-third of the state’s private schools that honor the scholarship have antigay policies. Furthermore, two of the seven organizations that provide accreditation to private schools also adhere to antigay policies.

For example, the 500-student Augusta Christian School states that:

“each student of the school shall be of the highest moral character and be obedient to all Biblical principles, including, but not limited to, prohibitions against fornication, drug use, alcohol use, pornography and homosexuality.”

The Cumberland Christian Academy stipulates that:

“Students shall not promote or participate in immorality such as pornography, adultery, fornication, pre-marital sex, or homosexuality.”

The Cherokee Christian Schools in Woodstock, Georgia will punish students for even making the statement of being LGBT “or otherwise immoral.” Providence Christian Academy will not only expel gay students, but also students who support or condone gay rights.

“[P]ublic funds should not support schools that exclude, condemn, and demonize students for who they are and who they accept in their lives,” Suitts wrote. “Tax dollars should go to schools that educate all students. That is the promise and virtue of our democracy.”

4 Feb 2013


LGBTQ* Basics: ‘Femme’ Lesbian and Bisexual Women of Color

(Following from Femme on a Mission)

In a way, the women showcased below are members of a triple minority based on gender, ethnicity, and sexual orientation, making their successes all the more impressive and inspiring.

1. Jessica Clark

A successful model, out lesbian Jessica Clark has appeared in advertisements for Alexander McQueen and runway shows for Hermes and Julian McDonald. She also starred in Usher’s music video “Let It Burn.”

2. Natasha Kai

American soccer forward Natasha Kai set multiple records in her college career playing for the University of Hawaii.  Now a superstar athlete, Natasha plays professionally for the Philadelphia Independence. She was also on the women’s National Team, representing the U.S. in the Women’s World Cup as well as the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. Natasha is an out lesbian and was one of only two openly gay athletes on the 2008 USA Summer Olympic team.

3. Malinda Lo

Author Malinda Lo was born in China and moved to the United States as a child. She has written several young adult novels; her most successful being Ash, a lesbian retelling of Cinderella in which the title character gets the girl – not the prince. In 2006, Malinda received the Sarah Pettit Memorial Award for Excellence in LGBT Journalism by the National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association.

4. Gloria Bigelow

Gloria Bigelow is an out lesbian comedian. As well as a variety of comedy specials, Gloria has had appearances on The Rachel Ray Show, Lifetime’s Cook Yourself Thin, and LOGO’sNewNowNext Awards. She also is one of the four stars of Cherry Bomb, a lesbian talk-show hosted on AfterEllen.

5. Dalila Ali Rajeh

Out bisexual actress Dalila Ali Rajah is a co-star of Gloria Bigelow on Cherry Bomb,  as well as the producer of the series. With an MFA in acting from the California Institute of the Arts, she has appeared on stage in The Vagina Monologues and Joleta, and was the winner of the GLAAD Media Award for “Outstanding Los Angeles Theatre 2007.”

6. Vivan Wu

Vivan Wu came to the front of the lesbian scene recently as a member of the supporting cast of The Real L Word Season 2. But she is more than just the (ex?)-girlfriend of Claire; Vivian is an up-and-coming stylist, recently featured in Vogue Italia.

7. Staceyann Chin

Staceyann is a spoken word poet and political activist. Unabashedly feminist and an out lesbian, Staceyann produces poetry that is fearless and cuts deep.

8. Tasya van Ree

Photographer and artist Tasya van Ree is making a name for herself with her compelling and sensual work, most of which is in black and white. As well as still photography, Tasya also creates short art films often featuring her muse and girlfriend, out actress Amber Heard.

9. Margaret Cho

Margaret was recently featured as a Pretty Lady…on Femme on a Mission. Funny and fearless, Margaret has been a successful comedian, actress, recording artist, and all-around badass since the early nineties. She is openly bisexual, Wikipedia says that 15-20% of her body is tattooed, and my mother hates her, so basically she is awesome.

10. Jasika Nicole

Out lesbian actress Jasika Nicole is lighting up the small screen on Fox’s Fringe, playing the part of Astrid Farnsworth. She is also an illustrator, with a new comic in the works called Closetalkers about the beginning of a lesbian relationship formed between two roommates.

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24 Nov 2012


“Our lives begin to end the day
we become silent about things that matter.”
—Martin Luther King Jr.

Minnie Bruce and I are preparing to travel to Minneapolis tomorrow, for my Sept. 13 arraignment on a charge of 3rd-degree Gross Misdemeanor, at 8:30 am at the PSF 141, “Public Safety”…

22 Jun 2012


Help FIERCE, Branching Seedz of Resistance (BSEEDZ), and Reteaching Gender and Sexuality (AKA Team Werk It!) get to Allied Media Conference!


What is Werk It?

Werk It! will bring together lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer youth organizers from across the country for a day of fabulous, creative, and radical media-making and strategizing! Through interactive activities, skill-shares and strategy sessions, we will share knowledge, develop leadership and build a network for strengthening the power of our communities to fight back—locally, regionally and nationally!

Network Gatherers will work on implementing social media platforms to amplify youth voices, create mapping tools to share information, and explore ideas for broader collaborations. We will also discuss ways to build and maintain active, sustainable networks that support youth-organizing efforts across geographical borders and help us stay connected throughout the year.

What is the Allied Media Confrence?

The Allied Media Confrence is a network of networks – youth organizations, international solidarity activists, anti-violence organizers, technologists, educators, media reform advocates, alternative economists, musicians and artists, disability activists, and many others – all using media in innovative ways. Some of these networks have sprouted from the conference, grown over the course of the year, then reconvened in Detroit larger and healthier. Through cycles of collaboration, question-asking and experimentation, our networks continue to grow, bringing new analysis, and new tools to the AMC every year.

Gonna be there?

Have you already registered for AMC? Come to our Network Gathering on Thursday June 28th from 10am-5pm! RSVP TODAY! Fill out this survey to help us make Werk it! better! 

How can you help?

If you a can, donate! By donating to Team Werk It! you will be helping Queer and Trans Youth from various organization build there leadership through 

For more information about Werk It!, each organization and the AMC, please visit our indiegogo page

Werk It! *snap*

Yes! Let’s Werk! 6 days to go!!!!

9 Jun 2012