6 Mar 2013



This year, the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) has been struggling for re-authorization because Republicans have been blocking sections that create policy specific to supporting Native, immigrant, and LGBT survivors of domestic and sexual violence….

26 Dec 2012


As you know, Project Offspring will offer a safe place, not only for people to be creative without worrying about being target by bigotry but also a safe place to do research that a person may otherwise be unable to do safely within their homes.

For those that are dealing with abusive…

25 Dec 2012

Survey on trans domestic violence


LGBT DAF, in partnership with Gender Matters, Gendered Intelligence, Broken Rainbow and Galop, are holding a conference on improving services for trans* survivors of domestic abuse, and would like to hear the thoughts and experiences of trans people. Complete the survey to inform the debate:

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29 May 2012

“[Marissa Alexander] is the Jacksonville mother of three, sitting in jail and awaiting a minimum 20-year prison sentence for defending herself against her estranged husband, who has a well-documented history of domestic violence…” ~ Aaron Morrison, “Marissa Alexiander’s Stand Your Ground Debacle Explained” for The Loop 21

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