19 May 2011


dead that “reverse racism” noise in my eardrums please.

oppression is prejudice + institutional [laws, government, military, social norms] power.  subsequently, there is no such thing as reverse oppression.

we are complex people, living in a complex construct of oppression. the other thing about oppression (classism, sexism, etc) is that there is no inverse or reverse. there is no “reverse oppression.” oppression, by it’s very nature, is created by one group, and experienced by another. 

prejudice (unreasonable, or unfounded bias against a group)+ power (institutions, laws, socio-political status quo)= oppression.

therefore, even if i have a prejudice against a person, or group, based on a physical, or spiritual difference, without power, i am not oppressive- i’m a jerk, or incredibly prejudiced, but not oppressive.

for example: i could hate every man in the world. (i don’t) and obviously prejudice is bad, damaging, unhelpful, and on a very interpersonal level, is very hurtful, that is not the same as systems of oppression. my general disdain for men will do nothing to keep them out of militaries, government services, keep them from being the ruling majority and decision makers for everything from reproductive justice issues to domestic violence laws. it will do nothing to curb incidents of rape, it will not undo laws that keep women making 80 cents to every male dollar and will not change society’s ideas about a woman’s place vis a vis men. similarly, as a person of color, i simply do not have the laws to back me up, the government control, the current or historical power to influence white folks lives, histories, educations or pockets. as a queer person, i could hate every straight person in the world. but am i oppressing them? my [inter-personal] hatred may make one straight person cry, but my hatred will not take away their ability to walk down the street without fear of assault, hold hands with their partners in public, adopt, marry (over and over again) be with their partners in the hospital, or get tax credits because of marriage status. oppression is not interpersonal.

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