9 Apr 2013





Look at how disgusted he is by the very notion that she could touch his hair too without permission

Pay close attention folks.

VERY close attention folks.

This is the nature of everyone else vs. black people’s hair summed up in two gifs.

You touch ours willy-fucking nilly but are repulsed when someone DARES to invade your precious boundaries. I see you double standard, I fucking see you. 

I am really glad someone else sees this and spellss this out. Dude fucking DODGED to get away from her hand like she was gonna put gum in it. Fuck if it’s a problem for us if we don’t want people to treat us like a petting zoo, just walk up to us like it’s fugging Manifest Destiny and invade our personal space. How does that selective consideration work again? Oh, yeah, because you think you’re entitled to it.

I love how she doesn’t move at all. She lets him. I reckon she freakin’ knew he’d do that the second those words left his lips. And instead of slapping his arsehole hand away (like i would have done) she lets him and shows how much of an arse he is.

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    Don’t. Touch. People. Without. Their. Fucking. Permission.
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