26 Feb 2013

Feminist POC Wikipedia Takeover! 3/15 11-3 EST

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Hello Friends!

I am really excited to tell you about a project I am working on called Feminists Engage Wikipedia, where folks around the country sign into Wikipedia, edit certain entries and add new ones to counteract the very white straight cis able bodied western dude nature of the site. We will be working in person and virtually Friday, March 15 from 11 am to 3pm EST.
I would love for you to be involved and there are a number of ways you and people you know can participate.
  1. Give Ideas for Entries-
  2. Add New People, Events and Things - Perhaps an awesome Black feminist writer who just wrote her first book? Or an important woman of color disability justice activist? Is their an important moment of Trans* activism that’s not on Wikipedia? An important documentary or two  that need to be reflected in wikipedia?
  3. Edit existing Entries -  Who needs an important source or event added to their existing entry? 
  4. You can add them to our list of entries to work on here by clicking edit in the brackets to the right.
  5. If you already have something ready to go, add it your self!
  6. Participate- 
  7. Sign up for a wikipedia account (don’t use your gov’t name like I did)
  8. Watch this video to learn just how to edit wikipedia (click “Flash” at the bottom of the playback video if it starts to mess up)
  9. Join us virtually - follow hashtag #tooFEW and learn what we are up to
  10. Join us in person
  11. In the South @ Emory University Library - Jones Room, 3rd Floor Friday March 15  11am -3pm EST (You don’t have to stay the whole time and we will have free delicious food!)
  12. In the (North) East @ Barnard College 11am -3pm EST
  13. In the West @ Scripps College 8am-12pm PST
  14. Tell Somebody-
  15. Students - Do they need extra credit? Can this be a class project? Are you learning about some really cool people in POC/Trans*/Queer/Disability/Non-US/Women’s History that don’t have wiki pages or have pages with bad information? You can fix it! 
  16. Friends - Do you know other folks who should know about this? Please spread this information to activists you know, faculty, etc. Everyone is welcome!
  17. Organizations - These edit-a-thons work best with lots of folks working on specific things. Do you know orgs like INCITE or SONG that know specific types of folks who should be added to wikipedia or projects folks should know about? 
  18. Email me your ideas - too busy to edit yourself? Let me know and I’ll add your list of stuff to the one we are generating!
Please spread the word far and wide! 
I hope to see you there (and/or virtually)!!!
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