1 Jan 2013







You Can’t Be a Princess” | Journalists from ABC’s “What Would You Do?” planted hidden cameras in a Halloween store and filmed shoppers’ reactions to a boy who wanted a princess costume and a girl who wanted a Spiderman costume.



the problem with the tumblr community is that they like to focus on the negative instead of shining light on the positive. at the end of the video, there’s a mom who champions the girl’s decision to be spiderman.


no tumblr user krystian i’m not going to ignore six and a half minutes of blatant, outrageous homophobia and cissexism just because you want a gifset that gives you the warm fuzzies

the little boy who dressed up as a princess didn’t get a happy ending. nobody came to his defense. that’s because we’re trained to ignore the “negative” and frankly i’m not here for that bullshit

the contents of this gifset are disgusting. these people’s words might make you uncomfortable. do not ignore these people. don’t ignore the anger you’re feeling. deal with it. use it constructively in the real world.

In case you have problems (as I did) watching the video, here’s another link so you can see the whole thing.

someone left this video on my facebook wall today

This is so disgusting. They wouldnt dare have me on this show because I would turn that motherfucking store out! There would be glitter and pink chiffon and spiderman costumes  flying everywhere. Its so sad that this is how so many CIS heterosexual parents think and behave. “STAMPING THINGS OUT” of your child, “Breaking them out of it” and “Getting Ahold of them”. Even the language they use sounds so sick. Its like they stamp out the flame of individuality and spirit in the child before it can even grow to satisfy some bullshit ideology. 

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    Be angry at the people the mothers believe they’re keeping their kids from having to deal with.
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    Instead of the parents being ‘worried that other kids are harsh’ and they ‘don’t want to see them get hurt’, parents...
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    What pisses me off the most.. Is this is OTHER people telling ANOTHER PERSON’S CHILD what they can and cannot wear.
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    NO NO NO NO NO Gah!
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