30 Dec 2012


Where can i go?: i must be the only person who remembers how DC used to get trash talked for trying to do R&B while using all of Tina’s…




like am i the only one who remembers about all the commentary…

Preach! And I think this is what gets so hard when we are doing this work. There’s this slipperiness with the “real” with celebrities and with Black folks it’s even more slippery b/c we stay being slick on purpose. She is both a real person but has for the sake of being a celebrity made herself into a commodity or allowed a projected self to be used in that way, to sell everything. The intricate work of pulling apart the real from the image is just so messy. How do we hold both and not lose her humanity in the process as we examine the way her image and choices have real effects on her life and others? I really feel Karnythia on the fact that we don’t see the Jay-Z call outs in the same way. They happen but often in our corners of the world that don’t get as much light or move as quickly as this did. I want to talk about that Diva Studies class though! I’m in! There’s still so much work to be done here! 

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    Preach! And I think this is what gets so hard when we are doing this work. There’s this slipperiness with the “real”...
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    come on now, celebrities don’t have complex relationships with their class backgrounds. i’ll be honest like i go in this...
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    It wasn’t just DC. People act like Beyonce is just discovering her roots. Ehhhh wrong. I think it’s a unique combination...
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    Wait, I remember her getting all sorts of flack for a gold outfit with shorts, specifically, that her mom designed. She...
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