30 Dec 2012




like am i the only one who remembers about all the commentary they would get on red carpets about how “urban” their fashion was?

They looked “ghetto” on the red carpet. Bey would PROUDLY tell them Tina designed it. YEP.

exactly. and four solo…

DC also had that song Nasty Girl in which they do a lot of work to distance themselves from other women who they think of as ratchet. I’m not trying to ride on Beyonce, really, but just the juxtaposition of ratchet door knockers and her and jay-z’s lifestyle really got me. Particularly because of what BlackFoxx was talking about. We can talk about all of it with Beyonce, yes. I definitely want to put those earrings on the table for discussion.

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    Preach! And I think this is what gets so hard when we are doing this work. There’s this slipperiness with the “real”...
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    come on now, celebrities don’t have complex relationships with their class backgrounds. i’ll be honest like i go in this...
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    It wasn’t just DC. People act like Beyonce is just discovering her roots. Ehhhh wrong. I think it’s a unique combination...
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    Wait, I remember her getting all sorts of flack for a gold outfit with shorts, specifically, that her mom designed. She...
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