27 Nov 2012

In which Mia Mingus reads SJ activists for their ableism

at this point in the game, if you’re doing social justice work, it is unacceptable to me to not have ANY mention about accessibility on your website or event info. at the very least, even a simple, “please contact us about accessibility” or “this space is not wheel chair accessible” or SOMETHING to show that you even pondered accessibility for a fleeting moment. i am not asking for disability justice here, i am just asking for basic access. and for reals, on a personal note, it would literally save me SO SO SO MUCH time in my life to not have to go on a freaking access scavenger hunt every time i want to go and be with the movements that i work my ass off for everyday. i love yall, but please get it together.

-Mia Mingus, Reading and getting able bodied folks together since 1980.
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    done. absolutely perfect point, Mia. thank you, as always.
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    -Mia Mingus, Reading and getting able bodied folks together since 1980.
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