27 Nov 2012


TW:  Police brutality, gendered violence

Demand Justice for Stephanie Nickerson
On October 28th 25 year old Stephanie Nickerson exercised her right to refuse an unwarranted search and an unlawful arrest, by Durham Police Officer Byran Schnee. This refusal resulted in officer Scnhee brutally assaulting Stephanie. This assault was witnessed by Stephanie’s friends and at least 5 other officers.
Please join family, friends and concerned community members in demanding Justice for Stephanie.  
Tuesday November 27th is our next day of action.


1- Please sign and repost, email tweet the sign the petition (see link below)

2- Wear red for Stephanie -  Instagram, Tweet Facebook photos of yourself with the tag-line  #justiceforStephanie

3- Fill up the voicemail-  From 10am-12pm call Mayor Bell. Police Chief Lopez and District attorney Stanback and demand justice for Stephanie (see script below)
Mayor Bill Bell # (919) 560-4333, ext. 10269
Police chief Jose L. Lopez # (919) 560-4322
District Attorney Leon Stanback (919) 808-3010

“My name is __________________________ I am calling in solidarity with Stephanie Nickerson who was brutally assaulted by Durham police officer Brian Schnee on October 28th 2012. I am part of a diverse group of [Durham] residents who will no longer tolerate police brutality or violence in our community. I am requesting that Mayor William Bell, Police Chief Jose Lopez and District Attorney Leon Stanback honor Stephanie’s demands for justice.
These demands are:
  1. Immediately drop all charges against Stephanie,
  2. Immediately suspend Officer Schnee pending a full and independent investigation
  3. The Durham police department works with Durham community members to create a civilian review board to address incidences of police brutality and misconduct.
Healthy communities include living without fear of being brutalized by the police. Thank you in advance, for fully addressing this matter.

4- 4pm-7pm - Stand in with Stephanie. Every Tuesday since Stephanie’s assault friends, family and concerned community members have come together in front of the Durham Police Department (505 West Chapel Hill Street Durham, NC) Please join us to demand justice for Stephanie

5- Write a love note for Stephanie. Healing from the trauma of violence can be long and difficult. Stephanie’s healing is just beginning. Let her know that the Durham community is with her. You can send notes to or stick them in the mail at P.O. box 61865 Durham NC and we will make sure that Stephanie receives them.

Here is my love note.  Please send yours.

Dear Stephanie,

     may the space
     stretched in your tear ducts
     and in mine
     offer water
     float us home

     may the tender places
     on your face
     be caressed
     by the hands
     of generations

     may the searchlight
     in your eyes
     find all the freedom
     we have lost

     may the tremble
     in your mouth
     continue to speak

With love and admiration,
       Sista Docta Alexis Pauline Gumbs

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