26 Nov 2012



  1. that Artista - LOVE! The artist is Philece, she lives in Atlanta and she has a sale going on today. 
  2. Dope Crochet - Crocheted accessories
  3. Shevon Gant Ceramics- Handmade pottery. 
  4. A Holey Moley Lyfe:Stud earrings
  5. Azuha: Handmade Crochet Accessories & Semi Precious Stone Jewelry
  6. lkdKids: Children’s accessories From crib quilts to onesies to dolls.
  7. LifeOrganics: All Natural Skin and Hair Care Products
  8. Three Little Birds Tees - T-shirts with a positive message. 
  9. Au Naturel Diva: Natural Hair apparel- yes, I’m going to buy a bucket load of these. 
  10. Haute & Low
  11. AfriqueLaChic:Jewlry and natural hair accesories
  12. Indigofera - Real Plant Based Hair Care
  13. De-Mes’tiks New York
  14. By EA: vegan knitwear and accesories by Elizabeth Antoinette - Didn’t know this existed. 
  15. BoutiqueDeBandeaux - Thick, Curly, & Natural Hair Accessories!
  16. QuellyRue Designs -handmade tote bags, hair accessories, African jewelry, contemporary jewelry, crocheted hats and scarves, brooches, tech accessories and more.
  17. Diggs Design Studio - Art Prints, Note Cards and Necklaces
  18. Calabash Creations - an eclectic mix of handmade cards, art, and gift items
  19. nlVibez: Crochet Garments, Accessories.
  20. Skinfolk - Mother Nature’s Raw and Exotic Fruit Body Butters
  21. 2 Chic Designs - Handbags, clutches, wristlets, accessories
  22. My Junky Trunk - Original Canvas Paintings, Prints, T-Shirts, & More!
  23. Onion
  24. Nzingah Designs
  25. Amani at Home - unique pillows are inspired by African cultures mixing traditional with modernism.
  26. Urban Heirlooms - Leather Bags & Accessories Featuring Antique Keys
  27. Marcus Kwame - Prints
  28. Yes Lioness - Original Paintings & Illustrations, T-shirts, Journals, Keepsake boxes, Cards
  29. Brown Butter Beauty - Natural Hair & Body Products
  30. Beija-Flor Naturals - Organic skin care and natural hair products
  31. PEACE IMAGES - Jewelry
  32. thepairabirds - Amazing prints by artist Tabitha Bianca Brown.
  33. Primrose Press - Eco-friendly letterpress stationery that connects sender and recipient in more meaningful and personal way than everyday electronic correspondence.
  34. Flowers From Fatima - Flower Hair Clips and Accessories for All Occasions
  35. Junkprints - Clothing, Accessories, Art and General Dopeness 
  36. Shadra Strickland Illustration


What About Our Daughters

Unapologetic, Uncompromising, and Unbowed in Defense of Black Women and Girls.

there are no words for how happy this makes me

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