22 Nov 2012



Though his campaign now claims he’d handed off all leadership by that point, Romney’s name was on the papers for the deal as the responsible party at Bain Capital and he received his share of the spoils.

I’m tagging this pro life because I’m curious to see if the convictions of the pro-life crowd… the people who think that any exception for the health of the mother or mention of rape is just a lot of smoke and mirrors… I’m curious if their convictions will be as unflagging in this case. Not one tax dollar to Planned Parenthood, but Governor Romney’s venture capital firm invested $75 million in Stericycle and saw a net profit of almost $50 million before they sold it off? (“Net profit” meaning the actual money they took in on the deal was closer to $125 million.)

If you compare Mitt Romney’s ever-shifting stances based on what he’s trying to achieve (be elected governor, be nominated for president, be elected president) it becomes clear that he doesn’t actually have any morals, so maybe people are thinking “Well, okay, I don’t like that he made a quick buck off abortion… but he’ll outlaw it, and Obama won’t.” Yeah, um, except if he’s willing to do anything for a profit/to get ahead, why would he ever actually work to ban abortion? Why would the powers that be in the Republican Party ever give up this issue that they know will make people turn out for them?

They can push through policies that starve people and criminalize people and endanger children and allow corporations to rob us of our homes and our savings, but election year comes around and they point their finger at the Democrats and say “THEY WANT TO KILL BABIES!” and that’s it, that’s all she wrote, nothing they do is as bad as killing the innocent unborn children.

The supposed mainstream Christian opposition to abortion was concocted by political strategists who could give half a fig about any life except their own, to give them a permanent wedge issue and an ironclad seal of moral superiority. They’re never going to give it up. They’ll restrict the heck out of it. They’ll make life hard for anyone who needs an abortion. They’ll whip up their followers into a frenzy by calling it murder and genocide and worse and then act shocked and dismayed when someone takes them at their word and takes up arms to protect the children who are supposedly dying by the dumpster full, but end abortion?

No. Never.

If it weren’t for pro-life women, the Republican Party wouldn’t have any statistical female support at all. If it weren’t for the mythical slaughtered children they’re protecting, there would be no way the conservative movement could claim a Christian identity or any kind of moral superiority.

That medical waste that Romney profited from is what the pro-life movement calls the bodies of murdered children, but every time someone goes and votes against their own interests because one candidate has convinced them that it’s a matter of voting against the evil baby killers, the Republican Party is profiting from abortion.

Come on, pro-lifers… which one of you has the courage of your convictions to say you won’t vote for Mitt Romney, who in your eyes made millions on the broken bodies of babies? 

I am very, very, very interested in where this goes.

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