14 Nov 2012



I really don’t understand why white people think this shit is OK.

CHANDIGARH: Haryana police has registered a case against a US-based shoe manufacturing company for hurting the religious sentiments of Buddhists by promoting a range of shoes with Lord Buddha’s images.

The case against California-based Icon Shoes was registered in the Rewari police station on Friday on the complaint of a wildlife activist. Rewari SP Abhishek Garg said the case was registered only after taking a legal opinion.

“We have registered the case after taking legal opinion from the district attorney. The company is accused of hurting the religious sentiments of the Buddhist community the world over,” said Garg.

Besides sections 295, 295A of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), Rewari police has also added section 66 of the IT Act as the company sells its products online too.

Naresh Kadyan, the complainant, has sought action against the company and its promoters and has also urged the police to ban the marketing and publicity of the products with immediate effect.

“Nobody has any right to hurt the religious sentiments of a community. We have got letters of protests from residents from across 36 countries of the world wherein they have either lodged criminal complaints or have approached their governments to penalize and ban this company,” said Kadyan.

When contacted, Dr Satyapala, former head of department of Buddhist Studies, Delhi University, said it’s a shameful act.

“The company should immediately withdraw its products and ad campaigns and should tender an unconditional public apology. We have already brought this to the notice of National Commission for Minorities. At the same time we have also urged the central government to take up this issue at international platforms,” Dr Satyapala said.

why. in the hell. do white ppl. DO THIS SHIT.

(Source: badass-bharat-deafmuslim-artista)

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    Why in the world would you do this?
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    Haryana police has registered a case against a US-based shoe manufacturing company for hurting the religious sentiments...
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    why. in the hell. do white ppl. DO THIS SHIT.
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