9 Nov 2012

“People in the Third World are viewed as having too many children because they are ignorant and irrational; they exercise no control over their sexuality, and “breed out of control.” However, in many Third World societies, having a large family is a completely rational strategy for survival. Children’s labor is a vital part of the family economy… quite early in life, children’s labor makes them an asset rather than a drain on family income. Also, because the vast majority of people in Third World countries do not have access to insurance, pension plans, and social security, having a large number of children insures that there will be someone to take care of or provide for the family, especially aging parents… As long as the vast majority of people in the Third World countries remain impoverished, uneducated, and unhealthy, the large family will provide the only real source of social security. Birth control programs will fail to reduce fertility rates, as they have in the past, when there is no motivation on the part of poor families to limit their size, unless coercive methods of population control are used.”
Seeing beyond the numbers: The human cost of population control in brazil (via pursuingchastity)
I will say it again, its eugenics by another name, to campaign to limit poc having kids, blaming that for poverty, when they’re poor because they lack access to basic needs and having less kids only means less undesirables and even less resources. Most of the world resources are consumed by the white developed world minority w few children but we don’t go after them for gutting us poc, asking them to breed less. (via bad-dominicana)
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