8 May 2012

“When white environmentalists say “we destroyed the planet” I think, “no, we didn’t, you did.””

Kim Crosby, an Arawak, West African, Indian and Dutch queer survivor. (via cutestaznboiondablock)

fucking THIS. who holds the most resources in the world? whites. who uses alla the resources and damn near kills the planet? whites. fuck this ”we’re all in this together” bullshit

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This fucking this!! All of it!! I am always amused by white supremacist hypocrisy who would boost about their ‘technological superiority’ but would NEVER own up to the fact that THEY are the ones who have fucked up the planet, they are responsible for the hole in the ozone layer and skyrocketing temperatures. The current decaying of our environment is the perfect illustration of the poisonous essence of white supremacy. The system of production and consumption that currently dominates the world is a direct result of the supremacy of whiteness on not only non-whites (which fuels the engine of capitalism, from Asian sweatshops, to mines in Africa) but also on nature. This is a legacy from the Enlightenment: (White ) Man dominates nature. 

It is also for this reason that I do not fawn over the ‘spectacular success’ of Chinese, Indian, Brazilian and to some extend, South African economies. I do not believe in that system of ‘development’, where growth and wealth accumulation are ends and the well-being of the majority and future generations is rarely taken into account. It is a dangerous and destructive remain of white supremacy and I sincerely hope that most African nations NEVER take that path despite the fact that it is celebrated around the world as the only way out of poverty and inequality. 

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After going around and destroying almost everything to benefit only themselves, they want to turn around and say “we’re all in this together”.


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I’m reblogging this again for the excellent commentary.

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Reblog for truth and commentary as well.

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